The Most Common Careers for Nurses

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 The Most Common Careers for Nurses

Nursing is a course that has many careers that people who have been trained can get into. All the careers are related to the scientific field. These are some of the professions that one who has taken nursing as a course can do:

General nurse practitioner

This is a professional who can to work in hospitals and other related places to serve patients. Their main work is to help the doctors in treating patients by giving them the medication they need. Resources like Think CNA Online can also offer clinical advice in situations where they have an idea. Nurses in this category can take part in any of the nursing practices.

Certified nurse midwife

This is a special career that some nurses decide to get into. The main work of the nurses in to help expectant women during delivery. They can also advise the women on the best foods to eat and the exercises they should do so that they can have a good delivery. The nurses in this category are also responsible for carrying out tests on the expectant women to see if there is any problem with their conditions. They also act as consultation agents where expectant women can get advice on how they can best handle their pregnancy.

Family nurse practitioner

Most families always need a doctor or a nurse that can provide them with the nursing services in case they need them. Most families like having these nurses because they keep their records and know the type of medication to prescribe for them. One can still become a family nurse for a given family and still earn a decent amount of income from it.

Pain management nurse

These are nurses who are responsible for helping patients who have pains. They prescribe medication to the patients so that they can reduce the level of pain they have. The patients in this case are people who have suffered physical injuries.

There are other careers that one can get into apart from the ones listed. These include informatics nurse and psychiatric nurse practitioner who deal with the mind. They are counselors who offer guidance to people who are either depressed or stressed up.

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